XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work Special Virtual Sessions: COVID-19 & OSH

05. - 06.10.2020.



Organised by ILO

Aim of the meeting:

The session will address the impacts of COVID-19 on workers and businesses. It will ask participants to express their knowledge and views of what has worked well and what needs to be improved for a better governance of the crisis and be prepared for other potential threats to health and economic growth. The roundtable discussion will bring together representatives from the ILO, government, employers, workers, and a research institution to engage on a dialogue focused around key questions (the following are examples to be discussed with panelists):  

  1. What type of action is required from all to better address the still on-going pandemic, how can we build better into the future we want, and what have we learned from this experience that we should not repeat?
  2. How will this influence the future of prevention?
  3. Where should we focus as a priority for being able to forecast and prepare for health and safety emergencies that can affect us all globally or in a given a region? What are the major challenges and obstacles that we need to consider?
  4. What advice would you give to our audience on how to build and make the best use of synergies between tripartite actors in diverse national environments? What are the most difficult obstacles for this to happen?   

IOE Role:

Roberto Suarez Santos, IOE Secretary-General will participate as a speaker in the opening of the October 5th event. On October 6th, the ILO will be organizing a specific session with a panel including employers’ representatives, John Becket (CEC) and Kris de Meester (FEB). There will be also a panel devoted to the Global Coalition on OSH.

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