Become a member of ILO’s Global Business Network on Forced Labour



Join ILO’s efforts to eradicate forced labour.

On behalf of the ILO’s Global Business Network on Forced Labour (GBNFL) you are invited, as an IOE member, to join this network in 2021.

The ILO GBNFL brings together companies of all sizes and sectors, and employer and business membership organisations (EBMOs) from around the globe to eradicate forced labour. ILO GBNFL members and partners work to engage small and medium-sized enterprises, develop resources and tools, and devise local solutions that help shape national frameworks to create sustainable change. We are calling all EBMOs to join us in the fight against forced labour in 2021 and beyond.

What is available to EBMOs by joining?

  • Access to expertise and experiences of leading companies, industry initiatives, and the ILO.
  • Technical support on advocating for policy changes to work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals Target 8.7 on the eradication of forced labour and human trafficking.
  • Collaborate with the ILO GBNFL and its members to deliver solutions on the ground.
  • Opportunities to share information and knowledge with other committed EBMOs on eradicating forced labour.

How can you join?

For more information on becoming a member, we invite you to join us for an information session on the ILO GBNFL on the 15th of April 2021. French and Spanish interpretation will be available. Please register to attend:

We look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, please read the information sheets in the Resources Section for an overview of the network and becoming a member or send an email on fl-businessnetwork(at)

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