Follow-up to the G7 Social Tripartite Declaration: high-level working session



Organised at the French Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue.

Aim of the Meeting:

The purpose of this working session will be to discuss the follow-up to the commitments made in the context of the French presidency of the G7, including the G7 Social Tripartite Declaration.

1) Taking stock of the G7 : After a presentation of the key commitments made in the context of the G7 Summit of Biarritz and the G7 Social Communiqué, you will be invited to present what are in your views the key achievements of the G7 Social Tripartite Declaration and the L7-B7 Declaration, including as compared to the respective L7 and B7 statements. This discussion could allow us to identify both what are the key elements that would deserve a particular follow-up as well as the potential gaps and areas of work requiring further attention.

2) Mapping of forthcoming events : Going through the calendar of the months to come, the discussion could also us to identify the expectations, opportunities and potential challenges raised by the forthcoming official international events, including the next G7 and G20 sessions, the ILO and the OECD official events:

- G7 under the Presidency of the United States of America;

- G20 under the Presidency of Saudi Arabia;

- OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (May 2020);

- ILO events:

  • Technical meeting on Global Supply Chains (Feb 2020)
  • International Labour Conference General Discussion on “Inequality and the World of Work” (June 2020)…

3) Moving forward : In light of the discussion on the points mentioned above, our meeting could allow us to identify means and tools to strengthen the tripartite dynamic we have collectively initiated, including through the organization of a regular high-level event. This could respond to the L7/B7 joint declaration, calling for “an international initiative with all stakeholders, including B7 and L7 representatives, on sustainable growth and a more inclusive international governance model”.

The format and content of such an event would be open for discussion, including on specific areas of the Tripartite Declaration, in particular the Call for a multilateral dialogue on the reduction of inequalities, or on other issues that were insufficiently addressed in the context of the G7, such as the Just Transition through the investment in green jobs, skills development and social protection. Desirous to maintain the momentum that was initiated this year, France stands ready to organize such an event mid-December this year, under its Presidency of the G7.

IOE Role:

Roberto will actively participate in the discussion during the High-Level Working Session.

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