All In Roundtable on Inclusive Multilateralism, SDGs and Business


President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

Organized by USCIB in partnership with IOE and ICC

Aim of the meeting

Faced with the urgent need to make faster and smarter progress towards achieving the ambitions of a range of international agreements including the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Framework on Climate Change, inclusive multilateralism is essential.

This roundtable is organized by the All In Campaign of USCIB. The Campaign brings policymakers and global businesses together in key UN cities to begin a conversation on opportunities for harnessing the power of all industry sectors to achieve the SDG goals and other 2015 outcomes. USCIB is proud to partner with the International Organisation of Employers and the International Chamber of Commerce to convene the first part of this discussion, beginning with 2 key themes:

-    Designing and Implementing Public Private Partnerships with the UN for Impact
-    Leveraging public private sector cooperation on technical and scientific knowledge for targeted SDG implementation

IOE address

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Geneva, Switzerland

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