ILO Sectoral Advisory Bodies, Programme and Budget 2020-2021

29. - 31.01.2019.


ILO, Geneva

Aim of the meeting

To make recommendations to the GB at its 335th Session (March 2019) on sectoral meetings to be held in the subsequent biennium (in this case the biennium 2020 -21) and on preparatory work for sectoral meetings in future biennia. Make comments and suggestions on recurrent and statutory sectoral work to be undertaken as part of the implementation of the Programme & Budget 2020 – 20212. The SABs are held once every two years in January of the last year of the biennium; in this case from 29 to 31 January 2019.

IOE Role in the meeting

Prepare and present the discussion on behalf of the Employers.

IOE address

71 Avenue Louis-Casaï
1216 Cointrin
Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 22 929 00 00
F: +41 22 929 00 01