ILO Meeting of Experts on “Cross-border social dialogue”

12. - 15.02.2019.


ILO, Geneva

Aims of the meeting of experts

  1. To analyse contemporary experiences, challenges and trends characterizing cross-border social dialogue initiatives, as well as the role and added value of the ILO.

  2. It would also seek guidance from ILO constituents (employers, workers and governments) on the future work of the ILO in this area.



Focus of the meeting

This meeting will look at all forms of cross-border social dialogue, including:

  • Social dialogue with regional groupings at the supranational level – such as between European Social Partners;
  • International Framework Agreements (IFAs);
  • Labour clauses in trade and investment agreements;
  • Ad-hoc initiatives, such as the Accord;
  • ILO activities: ILO Sectoral meetings, Maritime Labour Conventions (2006), etc; and
  • G20/B20/L20.



IOE role in the meeting

Select employer experts and to coordinate the Employers’ group.





IOE address

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Geneva, Switzerland

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