La Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Australia (CCI) presenta un nuevo informe y una campaña sobre lugares de trabajo seguros y saludables (en inglés)


The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) recently launched a new small business regulation campaign with a work health and safety focus. An independent report (commissioned by the Australian CCI) highlights several disconnects between small business, policy makers, and regulators and explains why better communication is needed to improve workplace health and safety. The campaign comprises a communication kit for members to utilise in spreading the message, which can increase awareness across key audiences of the needs and challenges of smaller businesses, and the need for change. 

This campaign draws attention to the fact that outputs from regulatory authorities are not fit for purpose for small business. It is not so much the regulations themselves, but the ability of SMEs to identify and translate regulation into their own context and then, assistance in implementing it. You can consult the official Report here