Nuevo Libro Blanco sobre Salud en el Trabajo: invertir y operar en India (en inglés)

(Noticia disponible únicamente en inglés)


IOE partner company International SOS has produced a new whitepaper, entitled, “Investing and Operating in India. The Occupational and Workplace Health Risks from a Compliance and Duty of Care Perspective”, featuring a preface authored by the current President of the Employers’ Federation of India.


With a growing economy, a population exceeding over 1.2 billion and a workforce of over 465 million, India’s poses as a very attractive environment for organisations to invest in. The industrial and corporate presence has shifted the focus on occupational health practices both from a compliance and Duty of Care perspective. This paper highlights the current health landscape and summarises the occupational health and safety regulation and requirements that organisations much respect in India for both legal and reputational reasons.


This paper is a valuable tool for clients who are currently operating in or are thinking about growing their operations in India. It helps you to position the importance of occupational health services and how International SOS has the expertise to help our clients navigate their occupational health risks. 


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