Reuniones de la OIE en Tailandia e Indonesia abordan cuestiones sobre las organizaciones de empleadores y el futuro del trabajo (en inglés)

  [GENEVA, 18 December 2017] Roberto Suárez Santos, IOE Deputy Secretary-General spoke during a Forum on the theme of "Thailand in transformation", which focused specifically on "how technology is changing jobs and enterprises". The Forum was organised by the Employers' Confederation of Thailand (ECOT) and ACT/EMP and was held on 7 December 2017. The Forum was held in light of the Thai government’s launch of "Thailand 4.0", a new economic model aimed at moving the country from the middle-income to high-income range. ECOT's aim is to seek cooperation and support to continue to conduct similar activities in the future. Thailand and the impact of technology on jobs
Roberto Suárez provided the global picture on changes in business models and work patterns. More specifically, he described changes in work organisation, including working time and organisation structures, but also developments of the platform economy and the consequences of automatisation for employment. He also gave his views on recent transformations in the way global businesses operate, and the diverse forms of work that are becoming increasingly the norm. High-level representatives of the Ministry of Employment as well as the Regional Director of ILO in Asia, opened the event. The Forum also served as an opportunity to present an ILO ACT/EMP survey on the future transformation of the ASEAN economy. The exchange was of great interest as evidenced by the high number of participants, and it served to bring new evidence and data on the evolution of specific sectors in Thailand and Asia to the fore. Indonesia and the Future of Employers' Organisations On 8 December 2017, the IOE was also invited to exchange with the Board Members of the main business organisation in Indonesia, APINDO, on the future of Employers' Organisations, in the context of changes in the world of work. Mr Augung Pambudhi, Executive Director of APINDO invited IOE to comment on new services and challenges that Employers' Organisations face in the new era of digitalisation, specially focusing on the role of business associations in emerging economies, such as Indonesia. There was an intense exchange with members of the Board, which will also serve as a basis to identify future collaboration between the IOE and APINDO. Representatives of the ILO in Jakarta as well of the Ministry of Manpower were also present at this event. Further informationAccess the presentation delivered by Roberto Suárez Santos on Employers' Organisations and the Future of WorkAccess the programme of the ECOT-ACT/EMP Forum on "Thailand in Transformation"For more information, please contact Roberto Suárez Santos, Deputy Secretary-General

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