Conferencia Internacional de la OIT sobre la Inadecuación de Competencias y el Empleo (en inglés)

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11 - 12 May 2017
Title of the MeetingInternational Conference on Jobs and Skills Mismatch
IOE contactThannaletchimy Housset
Aim of the meetingThe Conference will focus on presenting the outcomes of research and analysis conducted by the ILO under the global product and will make emphasis on the labour market impact of skills and jobs mismatches in different countries. The research under the ILO global product on jobs and skills mismatches aims to develop an understanding of the drivers and impacts of skills mismatch in different country circumstances and to assess the impact of the informal economy, including undeclared work on skills mismatches.

The conference will also draw on related work from other organizations including CEDEFOP, OECD, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Economic Forum and the African Development Bank in order to take stock of global perspectives on mismatches between skills and jobs.

The global conference will provide a unique opportunity for information sharing and discussion on the issue of jobs and skills mismatch. The event will also serve to validate the development of tools and resources proposed through the ILO´s global product on Jobs and Skills Mismatch, and will inform the ILO Future of Work initiative and ILO’s contribution to the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda.

Finally, the conference will also offer a space to present draft statistical guidelines on skills mismatch intended for discussion at the 2018 conference of International Labour Statistics (ICLS) and will provide an opportunity to consider policy implications of this work in its entirety so that ILO constituents in the field can be better prepared to deal with the issue of jobs and skills mismatch.
IOE Role in the meetingThe IOE is invited to give the employer perspective following the keynote address and participate as discussants throughout the 2 days.

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