USCIB Workshop on the Future of Work


Washington, D.C., USA


Roberto Suárez Santos

+41 (0) 22 929 00 00

Matthias Thorns

Deputy Secretary-General
+41 (0) 22 929 00 19

Organised by USCIB in partnership with IOE, Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), Wilton Park USA and the S&R Foundation

Aim of the meeting

This meeting aims to provide :

  • A report on Future of Work policy & practice completed by the IOE.
  • A collaborative and safe space to discuss challenges and opportunities, such as:
    • getting internal buy-in, alignment and planning Future of Work programs;
    • scaling Future of Work programs across different national contexts; and
    • measuring and communicating impacts to diverse internal and external audiences.
  • A follow-up outcome report synthesizing key findings and best practices.

IOE Role in the meeting

Secretary-General Roberto Suárez Santos will intervene at the opening session of the event and Deputy Secretary-General Matthias Thorns will give an overview of global-level policy developments and a presentation of survey results from leading corporate practitioners on work underway.