The General Council is responsible for the endorsement of IOE’s overall activity and policy direction.

In the annual meeting, open to all members, the General Council adopts a Programme of Action for the following year that has been proposed by the Management Board. It also passes decisions or resolutions that orient IOE’s activities and reflect members’ priorities, needs and expectations.

The General Council also provides members with the opportunity to express their views on the activity and financial reports delivered by the President, Secretary-General, Vice-President for the ILO and Treasurer on behalf of the Management Board.


Management Board

IOE Contact

Monique Depierre

Senior Management Assistant

The Management Board is responsible for implementing the objectives of IOE and the decisions of the General Council:

  • Elaborating policy positions and formulating appropriate strategies;
  • Representing members at international debates; 
  • Preparing recommendations for decision by the General Council concerning admission to and withdrawal from membership; as well as financial and budgetary matters on the proposal of the Treasurer.
  • Taking decisions on proposals of the Secretary-General concerning the functioning and organisation of the Secretariat;
  • Drawing up an annual Plan of Work and an Annual Report of activities for submission to the General Council.


Erol Kiresepi

IOE President

Vice-President to the ILO

Mthunzi Mdwaba

IOE Vice-President to the ILO

Honorary President

Daniel Funes de Rioja

IOE Honorary President

Regional Vice-Presidents

Alexandre Furlan

Regional Vice-President (Latin America)

Hiroyuki Matsui

Regional Vice-President (Asia)

Renate Hornung-Draus

Regional Vice-President (Europe & Central Asia)

El-Mahfoud Megateli

Regional Vice-President (Africa)

Peter Robinson

Regional Vice-President (North America)


Blaise Matthey



Alberto Echavarría


José María Lacasa Aso


Marina V. Moskvina


Jacqueline Mugo


Henrik Munthe


James Pearson


Anne Vauchez


Fernando Yllanes Martinez


Jože Smole