Largest network of the private sector in the world

For nearly 100 years, in social and employment policy debate taking place in the ILO, to which the IOE is the sole representative of business, and across the UN, G20 and other emerging forums, the IOE is recognised for its unique expertise, advocacy and influence as a powerful and balanced voice for business worldwide.

In everything we do, on behalf of our more than 150 members, we strive to leverage our unique experience, expertise and advocacy to influence debates on the most pressing issues for business and employers around the world.

Our role in the 21st century

Employers and businesses today face challenges related to skills development, labour migration, and the evolving nature of work itself, just to name a few. We are preparing an expanded role for the IOE in representing employer organisations and their members in an increasing number of international forums. To meet these challenges head on, our role in the 21st century is:

To be a powerful and balanced business voice for shaping and driving the global agenda on employment and social policies.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We will never accomplish this goal without a clear understanding of where we want to go, how we will get there, and the values that will guide our every step.

Simply stated, our Vision is:

To create a sustainable economic environment around the world, in collaboration with our members and partners, that promotes free enterprise and is fair and beneficial to both business and society.

Looking forward to our next 100 years, we have made it our Mission:

To serve our members, by fighting and advocating for the interests of employers and business in international policy debates.

Our passion at the IOE is to listen, and to argue for the points of view of our members to be taken into account globally.  The IOE values open dialogue, action-oriented outcomes and concerted commitment.