The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) is the largest global private sector network, representing 50 million businesses in nearly 150 countries.

Issues impacting employment and business are expanding in scope and pace.

"I am pleased to lead IOE as the voice of business in social and employment policy discussions at the ILO and other global forums. Our purpose is to ensure that these policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. 2020 is an extraordinary year as we celebrate our Centenary and reaffirm our global role. Please join us as we build IOE's future together."

Erol Kiresepi, IOE President


  • On #SocialJusticeDay, @ioevoice reaffirms its profound and long-standing commitment to ensuring #socialjustice based on access to #equalopportunities and #decentwork for all! @ilo @robsuarezsantos @mpanzorreguy

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    Ms. Shea Gopaul is the Special Representative to the UN, International Organisation of Employers. Today we learned about the urgency to have innovative approaches for the future of education and employment. 🌎🙌🏼 #SocialJusticeDay #MyFutureOurPlanet @ioevoice @smgthink

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    In Bxl, ⁦@ioevoice⁩ joins the discussion with ⁦@JuttaUrpilainen⁩ on the new #EU #Africa Strategy. The strategy must create win-win situations. Business is keen to engage. #AfricanSocialPartner Summit next week shows the key role of Employers Org. for #Agenda2030.

  • What does @ioevoice mean to our Peruvian Member @CONFIEP? As we move forward, IOE will continue to support its members on the ground to bring the #voiceofbusiness to the global debate. #IOE100 #FromOurMembers @mleondecespedes

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    Re: gender-based discrimination on pay - Need to think creatively beyond laws, labour inspections, courts, fines and sanctions - need to look at best practices at the enterprise and community level @ioevoice

  • 🗺️Did you know international #migrants make up 3.5% of the global population? 🧐Read our blog on #migration and how @GFMD_Business champions properly managed migration systems that benefit business and communities👉

  • 📅Join us at IOE’s International Business & Human Rights Conference in Bonn, Germany on 22 April. Legal compliance & beyond compliance in implementing the #UNGPs, #humanrights #duediligence, #suppychains and much more! @DeutschePostDHL @DieBDA

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    @ioevoice @BAG_Innovation @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess Perhaps the most exciting activity of the summit. Well done! Cannot wait to see the next one!

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    What a lovely time I had, experiencing huge hospitality, learning a lot from the shared moments - my belief that we change things and people one at a time, that the world can be changed one step and brick at a time was truly reignited and reinforced.💃🏾👌🏽🙏🏼👍🏽viva @ITCILO

  • .@ioevoice VP to the @ilo M. Mdwaba @Tzoro1 addressed @ITCILO Centre staff & led a session at Master Training for #Employers stressing the central role of #socialdialogue & #tripartism in the world of work. His full support for ILO programmes to train Employers was well-received!

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    This afternoon, I had the privilege and honour of addressing the Centre Staff @ITCILO @ilo @ioevoice #ACTEMP on social dialogue and tripartism: key for achieving better jobs for the future. @productivitysa @ChampionSAfrica @AshrafGarda @BusinessUnitySA @FKEKenya @ILOAfrica

  • @BAG_Innovation @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess @Seedstars @IOMLHD @UNmigration @SChavezEc @MOHRE_UAE @robsuarezsantos @inmi_Chile @OurMShule @Talenteum @visadbio @Maxicashapp @mynkana @BAG_Innovation @MumukiProject @Valiu9 #Digemy @StephanieWinet @Tzoro1

  • The #MigrationChallenge start-up competition was the first of its kind and a big success. Did you miss out? Here’s a glimpse of the start-ups’ pitches & the award ceremony. Get to know our winner @BAG_Innovation and the prize👉 @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess

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    Thank you for inviting the Business Mechanism to the GFMD Steering Group meeting. @ioevoice

  • From #talentmobility and #skills matching to the business case for #migration: the @GFMD_Business raised the migration issues that matter to #employers at the #GFMD12 Summit in Quito on 20-24 January👉 #XIICumbreGFMDQuito @GFMDprocess

  • .@UNECOSOC review of @UN High-level Political Forum on #SustainableDevelopment #HLPF, @ioevoice NY @smgthink stressed the importance of partnering with #privatesector. Bringing private & public together to strengthen the implementation of the #SDG agenda is key. #DecadeofAction

  • .@ioevoice and @ilo launch new guidance tool to assist construction #companies in the Middle East to better address protection at work, including #migrant workers. Read it here👉 #OSH #fairrecruitment #construction #corporateresponsibility #MiddleEast

  • @robsuarezsantos We extend our special thanks to our panelists, @MyriamDenk from @Deloitte, Tugschimeg Sanchir from @ilo ACT/EMP, Diana Douglas from Barbados Employers' Confederation @BecBusiness, and Bhavna Chopra Srikrishna, from the Confederation of Indian Industry @FollowCII

  • ⚡️IOE kick starts its Centenary celebrations at #IOE100 Global Summit on the Future of Work in Kuala Lumpur, opening a yearlong dialogue on the #futureofwork and #business.

  • It’s a wrap! #IOE100 Global Summit on the Future of Work comes to an end & opens a yearlong dialogue on the #futureofwork and #business. It was a pleasure to bring together industry leaders, @ilo, int'. agencies, and #Employer & #Business Orgs in Kuala Lumpur! ❗️Next stop: Lagos!

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    Congratulations to @ioevoice for a timely and memorable global summit exploring the opportunities and challenges arising from the #futureofwork with the range of stakeholders and the support of @EU_Commission !

  • “The strength of the IOE is the strength of our members, networks and partnerships” - closing remarks from IOE Secretary-General, @robsuarezsantos at #IOE100 Global Summit on the #FutureofWork in Kuala Lumpur

  • At #IOE100 Global Summit on the Future of Work, @AMASAK224, @CP_Concordia, & @anabahatimlay moderate parallel sessions on #skills anticipation, #futureofwork impact on #business strategies and #SMEs & technology. Results will be reported back to plenary for discussion!

  • Over 60% of the world’s employed population are in the #informal economy: at #IOE100 #FutureofWork Summit in Kuala L, Philippe Marcadent, Chief of Inclusive Labour Markets, Labour Relations & Working Conditions @ilo presents good practices on how to tackle this worldwide problem

  • How are #employer organisations helping their members with #futureofwork initiatives? 2nd day of @ioevoice Centenary Global Summit on the Future of Work in Kuala Lumpur starts this morning with a panel moderated by IOE Secretary-General, @robsuarezsantos

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