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For 100 years, IOE has provided knowledge and information services to its members, communicating on a regular basis and making sure our membership is informed of all the latest and most relevant issues. We also ensure that information flows freely between members and the Secretariat. We pride ourselves on being a trilingual organisation and the Secretariat communicates in English, French and Spanish, our official languages.

You can find additional information below and consult the other pages in this section for past news, newsletters and events. For any further information or if you have any questions whatsoever and would like to get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact us!


  • Only 1⃣ day to go for our first-ever virtual General Council. Past, present & future of IOE, keynote speakers, video messages and much more: join us to mark our Centenary of #business action! #IOE100 #voiceofbusiness More information & registration ▶️

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    At the @ioevoice - @DieBDA session on collective action, @ElaineMcKay sharing the experience of @ECLTFoundation and @JTI_global on elimination #childlabour. Engagement started long before the @UNGuidingPrinciples. #Sustainability

  • How to address systemic challenges through #partnerships? At IOE-@DieBDA's side event during #UNForumBHR in Eastern Europe & Central Asia, participants discuss collective action, best practices and the way forward. #business #HumanRights @MatthiasThorns

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    We are kicking-off in the UN Regional Forum on #bizhumanrights for Europe and Central Asia with an important panel on #collective action. @ioevoice Please see live under:

  • "The horrific impact of #COVID19 has put huge pressure on #companies [...] We need to do everything to support the continuity of #business & also to avoid the loss of incomes & the risk on #humanrights" @robsuarezsantos at 1st Regional #UNForumBHR in Eastern Europe & Central Asia

  • "All #companies, small, medium, large […] need to have the opportunity and the responsibility to improve their #humanrights impact and contribute to the implementation of the #UNGPs." says @robsuarezsantos at 1st Regional #UNForumBHR in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

  • Spot-on ❗️ Participants of our virtual cocktail brought this illustration to life on what the 2020 @UN #Business & #HumanRights Forum meant for them 🖌️ Thanks everyone for your inputs and to @ComicHouseNL's illustrator @MySwampThing for the magic ✨

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    We are kicking-off with the virtual business-cocktail, following-up to the #UN Forum on #BizHR. @ioevoice, @USCIB, @DieBDA, @amfori_intl, @iccwbo, @globalcompact, @wef, @wbcsd, @RBAllianceOrg, @BSRnews hosting to discuss key take aways. #UNGPs @WGBizHRs #HumanRights

  • 📆 IOE Members: The Centenary edition of our General Council is around the corner. Join us next Tuesday, 24 November to honour such a milestone for IOE and its members around the world ❗️ ➡️ #IOE100 #voiceofbusiness

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    Join the UN @globalcompact and @ioevoice on 8 December for this virtual event! Private and public sector experts will explore how to make the #COVID19 recovery process a "reboot" for female entrepreneurship and leadership. Register now⬇️ #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay

  • Today is #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay ❗️ IOE, the UN @globalcompact and @KASonline are excited to announce the joint digital event "#Womenpreneurs: from #startups to Stars", live on 8 December! 📆 Save the date and explore this event ➡️

  • "We believe that companies need to change their mindset in how they approach education and developing new #skills. It's key for companies to clearly articulate what skills they are looking for", says @IBM's @gracesuh #LDCs #COVID19 #buildbackbetter

  • At @ILO_NewYork-@UNOHRLLS event on #buildingbackbetter in #LDCs, #business representative from @IBM @gracesuh says public/private sectors can drive solutions to #labourmarket challenges by collaborating to transform #educationsystems

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    Did you know? 2021 is the @UN International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. @WeAreKidsUnited is all set to release their new single “Take a Stand”. Watch this teaser and stay tuned for the release on #UniversalChildrensDay. #NoChildLabour

  • IOE Members: 7⃣ days to go to our 2020 General Council. This year we celebrate our Centenary of #business action! ✅ Join us on 24 November at 13:00 (CET). ▶️ #IOE100 #voiceofbusiness

  • How do you picture #business & #humanrights? ⏰ Join our virtual business cocktail on 20 November (14:00 CET) with a cartoonist to live sketch the conversation and sum up the meeting with illustrations!🖌️ Don't miss this innovative event! ▶️

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    We kicking off with a dialogue between employers & business leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean region and UN Resident Coordinators on promoting Social Protection. @ioevoice SG @robsuarezsantos and IOE members proactive engaging on mitigating the impact of #Covid_19.

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    Now underway 💡 "#UNGPs10plus roadmap for the #nextdecadeBHR: Business organizations’ perspectives" w. Inputs from @amfori_intl @BSRnews @GBIHR @iccwbo @ICMM_com @ioevoice @RBAllianceOrg @globalcompact @PRI_News @USCIB 👉 #UNForumBHR #bizhumanrights

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    Musicians around the globe are singing for #NoChildLabour and empowering children through music education. You can check out all the songs @ The latest song by @WeAreKidsUnited will be released on 20 November, #UniversalChildrensDay

  • Nature-based solutions can be an efficient and cost-effective way for accelerating progress on #SDGs and preserving the natural base that underpins economic activity while creating quality #employment and long-term value. Check out ILO-WWF webinar for the discussion! #NatureHires

  • The #HumanRights due diligence agenda needs the right incentives & support for #companies, especially #SMEs. It is also about understanding their difficulties and bringing them with us to the table. IOE works hard to achieve this. We need other stakeholders with us! #UNForumBHR

  • "This #COVID19 crisis must trigger action and follow-up to strengthen #socialprotection and governance systems, which are too weak in too many countries", says @robsuarezsantos at #UNForumBHR #bizhumanrights

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    Opening of the UN Forum #bizhumanrights. @ioevoice SG @robsuarezsantos calling for addressing the root causes of #HumanRights challenges, such as #informality. #EmployerOrganisations have a key role to play. We need to address policies.

  • The 2020 virtual @UN Forum on #Business & #HumanRights kicked off today. Trends, challenges & progress in advancing the #UN Guiding Principles on #bizhumanrights to be explored. What do these mean to IOE & its members from around the world? #UNGPs10plus #nextdecadeBHR #UNForumBHR

  • At #UNForumBHR @MatthiasThorns gives keys on harnessing int'l investment agreements to prevent #humanrights abuses: balance between state regulation & investors' protection, legal & regulatory frameworks, better use of instruments, technical cooperation, robust data & information



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