Internal Rules of Procedure of the IOE Management Board

Click on the link to access the internal rules as adopted by the Board at its March 2014 session

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Obituary - Jean-Jacques Oechslin

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Erol Kiresepi elected as new IOE President

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Please update your address books: IOE email addresses have changed

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IOE President Daniel Funes de Rioja recognised by Konex Foundation as one of the most outstanding Argentine "Business and Labor Law" personalities of the last decade

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Monique Depierre

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IOE Presidents since 1920

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Management Board

The IOE Management Board:

  • ensures that the objectives of the IOE and the decisions of the General Council are implemented and the activities necessary to the proper functioning of the IOE are undertaken;
  • in between meetings of the General Council, elaborates policy positions and formulates appropriate strategies;
  • prepares the decisions to be taken by the General Council concerning admission to and withdrawal of membership;
  • prepares the decisions to be taken by the General Council concerning financial and budgetary matters, on the basis of proposals from the Treasurer;
  • takes decisions on the proposals made by the Secretary-General concerning the functioning and organization of the Secretariat;
  • draws up an annual Programme of Action for submission to the General Council;
  • draws up an annual Report on IOE activities for submission to the General Council.

Management board at June 2017

  • President
    Mr Erol Kiresepi (Turkey)
  • IOE Vice-President to the ILO
    Mr Mthunzi Mdwaba (South Africa)
  • Regional Vice-President (Africa)
    Mr El-Mahfoud Megateli (Algeria)
  • Regional Vice-President (Asia)
    Mr Hiroyuki Matsui (Japan)
  • Regional Vice-President (Europe)
    Ms Renate Hornung-Draus (Germany)
  • Regional Vice-President (North America)
    Mr Peter Robinson (United States)
  • Regional Vice-President (Latin America)
    Mr Alexandre Furlan (Brazil)
  • Treasurer
    Mr José Maria Lacasa (Spain)
  • Members
    Ms Liu (Penny) Hansong (China)
    Ms Marina Moskvina (Russia)
    Ms Anne Vauchez (France)
    Mr Ousséine Diallo (Côte d'Ivoire)
    Mr Rajeev Dubey (India)
    Mr Alberto Echavarría (Colombia)
    Mr Daniel Funes de Rioja (Argentina)
    Ms Lidija Horvatic (Croatia)
    Mr Khalifa Mattar (United Arab Emirates)
    Mr Blaise Matthey (Switzerland)
    Ms Jacqueline Mugo (Kenya)
    Mr Henrik Munthe (Norway)
    Mr James Pearson (Australia)
    Mr Fernando Yllanes Martínez (Mexico)