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IOE brings the voice of business to the EU Policy Forum on Development meeting in Jordan

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Outcome of the 10th ILO European Regional Meeting

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Save the dates for the IOE, ASK, ITC-ILO Preventative OSH Culture Workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan on 11-14 December 2017

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Joining forces to build a preventative occupational safety & health culture

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Information on 10th ILO European Regional Meeting (2-5 October 2017, Istanbul)

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Latest information for IOE Meeting of Members from Europe and Central Asia (Istanbul, 5-6 October 2017)

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AGYP/MEDEF Europe-Africa Youth & Entrepreneurship Forum

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IOE, ASK, ITC-ILO Workshop on promoting a preventative OSH culture

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Europe and Central Asia

The IOE has a special relationship with Europe since most of its European members have been part of the IOE since its creation.  For more than forty years, the IOE's European members have met each year in a different country to discuss topical issues. Current debates focus on globalisation, CSR, and responding to the challenges of the economic crisis. The IOE also works closely with individual members in a number of national events.

Since the fall of communism in Europe, the IOE has participated in the establishment and development of employers' organisations in transition countries. The IOE continues this work especially within the framework of the Stability Pact for the reconstruction of South Eastern Europe where it represents employers from this region. The IOE also works with its member federations in CIS countries to assist them in their development.

Regional integration is very important for Europe within the framework of the European Union. The IOE works closely with BUSINESSEUROPE on European social issues. The IOE also works directly with the European Commission at the ILO and in the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. The organisation is present at the Council of Europe, where the IOE is a partner due to its presence in the Council's Governmental Committee of the Social Charter and participates in activities in the Stability Pact for SEE.

2017 Election to the ILO Governing Body and election of the IOE Vice-President for Europe - member communication dated 5 April 2017 (member-login required)

2017 Meeting of IOE Members from Europe and Central Asia - Important Documents

(member login-required)

Presentation by Harry Kyriazis on the main labour market reforms in Greece

Presentation by Anne Vauchez on labour law reform

Presentation by Henrik Munthe on doing business in Norway

Presentation by Roberto Suárez Santos on diverse forms of employment

Presentation by Alessandra Assenza on the ILO and Council of Europe Supervisory Systems

Presentation by Deborah France-Massin on Diverse Forms of Work and Women in Business

Presentation by Dragan Radic on an enabling business environment

Presentation by Khagan Hummatzade on doing business in Azerbaijan

Presentation by Liga Mengelsone on the economies of Europe and Central Asia

Presentation by Linda Kromjong on IOE Priorities in Europe and Central Asia

Presentation by Marieke Vandeweyer on adapting to changing skill needs

Speaking notes of Marina Moskvina on economies and development

Presentation by Mirza Muleskovic on enabling environment for sustainable enterprises (EESE)

Presentation by Silvia Vlasceanu on solutions to the skills mismatch


Official Invitation Letter

Registration Form

Final agenda

Draft IOE Policy Paper on key priorities for ILO work in Europe and Central Asia

List of participants

Saturday and Accompanying Persons Programme

Important dates for IOE Members from Europe and Central Asia 2017


IOE Global events

  • 29-30 March, IOE-CEOE Global Employers' Workshop on the Future of Work, Madrid • 19 April, IOE International Business & Human Rights Forum, Amsterdam
  • 17 May 2017, IOE-BDA Global Employers' Summit "Making the G20 a success", Bad Neuenahr
  • 4 June, IOE General Council, Geneva

ILO Global events

  • 6-7 April, ILO Symposium on the Future of Work, Geneva
  • 5-16 June, ILO (Tripartite) International Labour Conference, Geneva

Regional conferences

  • 2-5 October, ILO (Tripartite) European Regional Meeting, Istanbul
  • 5-6 October, IOE Meeting of Members from Europe & Central Asia, Istanbul

Meetings of the Governmental Committee of the Council of Europe

  • 15-19 May, Council of Europe Governmental Committee, Strasbourg
  • 25-29 September, Council of Europe Governmental Committee, Strasbourg