ACT/EMP in Latin America and the Caribbean

ACT/EMP team in Latin American and the Caribbean covers 4 sub-regions :

Sub-region 1

Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua), Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico, with ILO Office in San José (Costa Rica).

ACT/EMP Specialist: Lorenzo Peláez

Sub-region 2

Andean Countries, with ILO Office based in Lima (Perú). Countries covered: Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia.

ACT/EMP Specialist: Jorge Illingworth

Sub-region 3

South Cone, with ILO Office based in Santiago de Chile. Countries covered: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

ACT/EMP Specialist: Andrés Yurén

Sub-region 4

Caribbean (English speaking countries), with ILO Office based in Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago). 13 States covered: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Granada, Guayana, Jamaica, Saint Kits and Nevis, Santa Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and 9 overseas territories: Anguila, Aruba, Bermudas, Virgin Islands, Cayman, Curaçao, Montserrat, Saint martin, Turks and Caicos.

ACT/EMP Specialist: Anne Knowles

ACT/EMP's team also has a Desk Officer for Latin America, the regional supervisor at ILO HQ for the region.

Specialist: Luis González.

The overall coordination of all the specialists mentioned falls under two regional supervisors, based on the Bureau for Employers' Activities, ILO headquarters in Geneva:

  • Supervisor Sub-regions 1, 2 and 3: Rafael Gijón
  • Supervisor Sug-region 4: Ilke Schoellman


The Bureau for Employers' Activities of the ILO (ACT/EMP) is a specialized unit within the ILO Secretariat.Its task is to maintain close and direct relations with employers' organizations in member States, to make the ILO's resources available to them and to keep the ILO constantly aware of their views, concerns and priorities. ACT/EMP provides support and technical services to the employers' organizations in direct coordination with the International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

ACT/EMP's mission is to foster well-functioning employers' organizations, which are crucial in shaping an environment conducive to competitive and sustainable enterprises that can contribute to socio-economic development. ACT/EMP assists employers' organizations in responding to the challenges faced by their members by:

  • assisting them to develop their management systems and processes and improve their services to members,
  • assisting them to anticipate and respond to the issues faced by business at the national, regional and international levels.

ACT/EMP maintains close contacts with employers' organisations in all ILO member States. It also runs a Technical Cooperation Programme, which provides assistance to employers' organizations in developing and transition countries. The Technical Cooperation Programme is designed to enhance the capacity of employers' organizations to:

  • advocate a business-friendly environament and
  • provide services, whether representation and advocacy, or the provision of advice, training, information or research, to enable employers' organizations to address current and emerging issues.