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IOE Contact

Thannaletchimy Housset

Direct line: +41 22 929 00 08


The substantial economic and labour market contribution of SMEs has long been recognised in global dialogue on employment, and economic and social development.  Encouraging and supporting SMEs therefore form part of the policy dialogue across a wide range of international initiatives and organisations.

The IOE network provides unparalleled global representation of small and medium sized enterprises from all industries, and in countries at all stages of development.

The IOE advocates not only for central consideration of the unique issues and opportunities the SME sector presents, but also ensures that there is dialogue with small businesses and not simply about small business. The IOE continues to be a strong advocate for SME-led responses to various challenges, including those arising from economic and labour market crises.

The IOE’s promotion of the viability, sustainability and employment potential of SMEs encompasses:

  • Arguing for national initiatives, including through the work of the G20, to recognise the role of smaller businesses and the importance of job creation in this area.
  • Injecting the practical daily challenges for smaller businesses into global policy debates, and striving to avoid creating barriers to small business growth, investment and employment.
  • Providing IOE members with information and arguments to advocate on behalf of SMEs at national level.
  • Supporting SME training that is relevant, speaks the language of small business and makes SMEs more viable.  

Click on the link to access the IOE SME Toolkit.