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"Yes" to diverse forms of work, "No" to new forms of exploitation: Sweden's Employment Minister advises IOE Forum

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IOE Forum on Diverse Forms of Work - 14 June - Brochure now available!

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Invitation to the GFMD Business Meetings in Berlin on 29 - 30 June

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B20-L20 Joint Statement Launched at Joint Dinner with G20 Labour Ministers

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Irregular migration and regular pathways, including decent work, labour mobility, recognition of skills and qualifications and other relevant measures

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Thannaletchimy Housset

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Skills and Education

Business is at the forefront of increasing global recognition that employability and life-long learning lie at the heart of a range of key global economic and employment challenges.

Increasing the employment capacities of job seekers throughout the world through effective education and training policies and programmes is critical to maintaining labour market engagement across economic cycles, and maintaining people in work across their working lives. Effective education and training is also a fundamental precondition to wider economic and social development, and to spreading opportunities and reducing social exclusion and inequities.

The IOE is a key global proponent of governments better engaging with business on education and training policy, planning and programme delivery.  Key targets of this work include the G20 and the ILO.