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Although on a downward trend, the HIV/AIDS epidemic remains a global crisis affecting all levels of society. The business world has not been spared - suffering not only the loss to the workforce but also in terms of profits and productivity,  resulting in many new challenges for both employers and employees.

Across the world, AIDS has both a direct and indirect impact on business. In southern Africa, for example, at its peak, it was estimated that more than 20% of the economically active population in the 15–49-year-old age group was infected with HIV. Employers have been experiencing reduced productivity as a result of employee absenteeism and death and are consequently challenged to manage the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, including dealing with issues of stigma and discrimination, changing requirements for healthcare benefits, training of replacement staff, and loss of skills and knowledge among employees.

The leadership role played by business in tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic is gaining increasing recognition. With the impact of this deadly scourge being felt most among those of working age, HIV/AIDS has become a key workplace issue. Global partnerships are therefore an essential part of the response.

In this respect, the IOE has developed close working relations with UNAIDS and the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, and the IOE is facilitating the transfer of information and experience to employers’ organisations in this key area.