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Impact of social dialogue institutions depends on strong, proactive and inclusive employers' and workers' organisations

29.11.2017 07:34 Age: 179 days
Category: news, Social Dialogue, Future of Work

[GENEVA, 29 November 2017] The impact of social dialogue institutions was deemed contingent upon the strength of employers' and workers' organisations during the ILO-AICESIS conference, which took place last week in Athens.

The IOE intervened on the future of the Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions and the role of employers' organisations in supporting them. Alessandra Assenza, IOE Senior Adviser, stressed the importance of workers' and employers' organisations as an entry point for these institutions in the reality of the new world of work. She underlined that the changes in the world of work are particularly challenging now, because they risk eroding the very foundations of social dialogue institutions we know, which have been enhanced and supported by the ILO.

Employers' organisations (EOs), like workers' organisations, need to reflect on the best way to respond to these challenges, through a threefold approach:

  1. Leadership and representativeness by reaching out to new members with increased and improved services
  2. Responsibility in everyday activities to promote strong and responsible social partnership to have good social dialogue at all levels
  3. Adaptability to offer new areas of expertise including on how to develop a new regulatory framework for a dispersed workforce and developing competitiveness strategies.

In conclusion improving the impact of Social Dialogue institutions can only be achieved with strong, proactive and inclusive employers' and workers' organisations. Those institutions, on their side, will only become stronger if they can showcase their ability to contribute real added value and remain "future-proof".

Watch the full intervention of Alessandra Assenza (6h18-6h27) on Youtube

The ILO-AICESIS conference took place from 23-24 November 2017 in Athens, Greece. The event was held in the context of the ILO's Future of Work initiative and brought together members of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) to encourage reflection among the ILO's tripartite constituents on the transformational changes underway in today's world of work, and what they will mean for the economies and societies of tomorrow.

For more information, please contact Alessandra Assenza, Senior Adviser