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IOE-BA Enterprise Forum and SIA Conference in Nairobi: African employers’ organisations united on the need for urgent policy measures to promote growth, jobs, innovation and entrepreneurship

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Additional information for members attending the Annual Meeting of East, Central & Southern Africa Employers' Organisations in Kampala on 26 - 27 April 2018

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Policy Forum on Development, Brussels: Private sector reaffirms commitment to contribute to an enabling environment for development

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Request for input to the Draft B20 Employment and Education Policy Framework

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Thannaletchimy Housset

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Employment, enterprise creation and entrepreneurship lie at the heart of sustainable development, economic prosperity and social stability.

Encouraging and supporting employment should also lie at the heart of the work of the ILO. The IOE works to ensure that the ILO remains focussed on these areas of core interest to employers and in particular supports and promotes:

  • Policies that support productivity and competitiveness of business
  • A macroeconomic environment for creating and sustaining business, including the creation of and support for market supporting institutions.
  • Good governance, the rule of law, recognition of private property rights and political, economic and institutional stability as necessary prerequisites for economic development.
  • National employment policies which support the needs of the SME sector and target youth employment.
  • Sound, fair and appropriate regulatory and tax regimes which encourage sustained growth and employment creation.
  • The reduction of barriers to economic activity including government spending, non-wage labour costs, over-prescriptive standard setting, over-regulation of employer activity.
  • The creation of a supporting environment for attracting FDI, generating and providing access to domestic capital and promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Human resources and skills development that link skills to the needs of enterprises.
  • Efforts to formalize the informal economy.


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