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Updates on the ILO MNE Declaration and wider developments in Global Supply Chain debates

07.02.2017 09:00 Age: 193 days
Category: news, International Labour Standards, CSR, Employment, SMEs, Business and Human Rights

On 2 February 2017, IOE Secretary-General, Linda Kromjong, delivered a presentation to the Brussels European Employee Relations Group (BEERG), providing an account of the major developments in the debates at the ILO that concern Global Supply Chains (GSCs).

The presentation provided:

  • an overview of the evolution of the ILO MNE Declaration since its inception in 1977
  • an outline of parallel debates in business & human rights that impact GSCs
  • the current status of the debates in the ILO concerning Decent Work in GSCs

Download the full presentation (in English only) by Linda Kromjong on Global Supply Chains.

For more information, please contact Linda Kromjong, Secretary-General.