Policy Areas

The IOE works to ensure that the one voice of employers is heard within the International Labour Organization, as in all relevant international debates on labour and social policy. Such discussions are occurring in a larger number of international forums than in the past, within and beyond the United Nations system, including at the level of the G20.

This section of the IOE website is a one-stop shop for policy guidance and position material and we encourage you to scroll through the different topics. We aim to provide material that is produced by the IOE Secretariat as well as our members and partners. If you would like to share any relevant items, please contact Usha Selvaraju, Head of Digital Communications.

The IOE also has specific Policy Working Groups (PWGs) to encourage a more active exchange with our members and partners. To date we have five groups covering the following topics:

  • CSR and Business & Human Rights
  • International Industrial Relations
  • International Labour Migration
  • Employment & Future of Work
  • Sustainable Development

This is not a static list, with the increasing focus on the Future of Work we have enlarged the focus of the Employment PWG to include this topic Members are invited to submit suggestions for new PWGs to Linda Kromjong, but suggestions come with an obligation - to engage and actively participate!