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IOE contributes to Global Compact Annual Business Forum in Latin America and the Caribbean

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IOE contributes to Global Compact Annual Business Forum in Latin America and the Caribbean

14.09.2016 15:13 Age: 1 year
Category: news, Americas, Business and Human Rights, Global Compact

IOE Deputy Secretary-General Roberto Suárez Santos was in Lima on 8 September for the 5th Edition of the Annual Business Forum of the Global Compact in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Forum, which was organised by the Compact’s regional centre, attracted some 200 participants and saw Roberto Suárez Santos take part in the opening session together with Peru’s Environment Minister and CONFIEP’s Vice-President, Mr Esteban Chong.

One of the sessions looked at future trends in global supply chains and Mr Suárez Santos made a presentation on recent international debates around the social challenges arising from global supply chains (GSCs) and their potential implications – both positive and negative – for the future activities of GSC companies. The presentation stressed the importance of building efficient public-private partnerships (PPPs) through the SDG process to tackle these challenges, ensuring that business successes also benefit the wider population. Roberto referred to the existing consensus on business and human rights, embodied in the UN Guiding Principles, as well as to the practical approach needed to build on this consensus rather than engaging in theoretical proposals that could lead to unnecessary restrictions and protectionism, and damage the capacity of GSCs to lift individuals out of poverty in many parts of the world. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Roberto Suárez Santos, IOE Deputy Secretary-General