Technical Cooperation

Technical coooperation is the main means of achieving the four strategic objectives of the ILO and the only means of translating the policies of the Organization into action.

The IOE is active in the work of the Technical Cooperation Committee to provide policy guidance to the ILO and to develop mechanisms to ascertain whether the technical cooperation activities that are implemented are meeting the needs of the tripartite constituents.

Given the difficult times for development cooperation, the Committee has focussed on developing a resource mobilisation strategy for regular budget and extra-budgetary resources.  Increasingly, the spotlight is on relevance, results achieved and lessons learned from interventions.

The position of the Employers' Group in the ILO is that technical cooperation assistance should first and foremost be directed to the social partners. Building the capacity of representative employers' organisations to respond to the needs of their members is critical.  A key priority for the Group is therefore resource mobilisation for the Bureaux of Employers' Activities to be able to support employers' organisations, particularly in developing countries.