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High Level Evaluation of ILO's capacity development efforts

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Employers of Latin America & the Caribbean: Call to input to the employers' position on sustained eradication of child labour

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IOE Deputy Secretary-General meets BUSA and attends National Future of Work Forum in South Africa

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IOE participates in Transnational Company Agreements joint seminar

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The IOE maintains a close working relationship with the ILO's Bureau for Employers' Activities, ACT/EMP, a specialised unit within the ILO Secretariat whose task is to maintain close and direct relations with employers' organisations in member States, to make the ILO's resources available to them and to keep the ILO aware of their views, concerns and priorities.

The IOE is supported by ACT/EMP on international and social policy issues being discussed in the ILO, and in providing support to employers participating in ILO events.  ACT/EMP supports IOE objectives by sponsoring employer policy development and cooperation at the regional and international levels.

The IOE works with ACT/EMP to promote well-functioning employers' organisations which are crucial in shaping an environment conducive to competitive and sustainable enterprises that can contribute to socio-economic development.  Of particular interest to IOE members is ACT/EMP's technical cooperation programme which provides assistance to employers' organisations in developing and transition countries.  This generally consists of training and advisory services to improve the capacity of employers' organisations to deliver value to their members through:

  • Improving management and strategic planning
  • Upgrading the quality of direct services offered to membership and developing new services when the opportunity arises
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of employer advocacy to influence the policies and behaviours of other parties, and to promote a business-friendly environment