Réunion sectorielle OIT - Industrie de l'aviation

20.02.2013 18:37 Il y a: 5 yrs
Categorie: events, International Labour Organization, Sectoral Activities

Date:  20-22 février 2013

Lieu : BIT, Genève

Titre de la réunion : Forum de dialogue mondial sur les effets de la crise économique mondiale dans l'industrie de l'aviation civile

Personne de contact à l'OIE : Jean Dejardin

Ojectifs de ce forum (en anglais) :

  • a common understanding of the difficulties experienced due to structural change
  • a better understanding of the effects of the low-cost carrier model on the industry·
  • a consensus around a common approach for a more sustainable industry
  • a consensus around the direction of work to be undertaken in this area by social partners and the ILO going forward

Ten employer and ten worker representatives will be invited to attend and their participation expenses will borne by the ILO. Government and additional social partner representatives, as well as other observers from international and non-governmental organisations will be welcome to participate equally at their own expense.)