Réunion sectorielle OIT - Industrie du gaz et du pétrole

12.12.2012 18:50 Il y a: 6 yrs
Categorie: events, International Labour Organization, Sectoral Activities

Date:  12-13 décembre 2012

Lieu : BIT, Genève

Titre de la réunion : Forum de dialogue mondial sur besoins futurs besoins de compétences et de formation dans l'industrie du gaz et du pétrole

Personne de contact à l'OIE : Jean Dejardin

Contexte (en anglais) : The oil and gas industry is confronting serious demographic challenges because of lack of skilled workers. A large number of experienced workers will retire from the industry in the next few years while fewer young highly educated workers will be entering the industry. The industry therefore needs to fill substantial shortages of skilled workers in order to maintain sustainable growth. Training is also essential for safety operations of the oil and gas facilities.

Considering the Conclusions of the Tripartite Meeting on Promoting Social Dialogue and Good Industrial Relations from Oil and Gas Exploration and Production to Oil and Gas Distribution (May 2009), which highlighted that “operators should have the overall responsibility for the occupational safety and health in their operations including contractors and subcontractors. Contractors and subcontractors should comply with the overall safety management systems of the operators”, this Global Dialogue Forum will aim at assessing the current skills and workforce structure and future needs for skills and vocational education and training (VET), as well as effective safety training for contractors and subcontractors in order to create more decent employment across the industry.