Inscríbanse para participar en las consultas del FMMD para Asia/Pacífico


Stéphanie Winet

Consejera de enlace con el FMMD

Participen en las consultas regionales del FMMD para Asia/Pacífico en junio (en inglés).

Co-hosted with the Bali Process, the GFMD Asia/Pacific consultations will take place in June and July. IOE encourages all members from the Asia/Pacific region to join this consultation process.

Issues covered in the different sessions are:

  • Leveraging new technologies to empower migrants
  • Addressing gaps in migrant protection 
  • Discussing approaches to address irregular migration – what works? what doesn’t?

The three topics will be addressed at a general opening session, and more in depth at three breakout sessions. The consultations will conclude with a closing/wrap up session. Dates for the sessions are the following:

  • 15 June, 9am–11am (GMT)         Opening Plenary
  • 29 June, 9am–11am (GMT)         Thematic Breakout Sessions 
  • 1 July, 9am–11am (GMT)             Closing Plenary

The GFMD-led sessions will provide an opportunity to give crucial inputs into the GFMD Background Papers, to be presented during the Summit in Dubai in January 2021. IOE urges all Asia/Pacific members to review the Background Papers available on the GFMD website. Please send your feedback to Stephanie Winet ( by 26 June 2020.

The participation to the different sessions is limited. Your local business perspective in this multi-stakeholder platform is needed. Please contact Bouchra Marclay (marclay(at) to register to take part in one of the sessions.

We look forward to receiving your inputs.