Win-Win: Gender Equality means good business - Business Resilience: Boosting business in the new scenario. Opportunities for women.




María Paz Anzorreguy

Director of ILO Coordination

Organised by ILO Lima (Win-Win project), UN Women, EU and IOE

Aim of the meeting:

Explore what actions companies have implemented in the workplace to continue their activities in the Covid-19 context. During the meeting, CEOs from Latin-American companies will share the initiatives and actions they have applied in their businesses to continue carrying out their activities, and what steps they are planning to execute when they resume their operations. Likewise, the CEOs will comment on what gender equality initiatives or policies will be useful in this new scenario.

These exchanges will be documented and enable more business owners to understand how they could enhance their resilience to the crisis and continue their activities in the new normality. This dialogue will also provide a unique opportunity to review and collect information on these actions, as well as on lessons learned. A survey will be launched at the end of the event so more enterprises could share their responses to Covid-19. 

IOE Role:

  • Participate in the event
  • Invite representatives of Employer Organization from Latin America to participate