Would you like to know more about how to use this website? The following Frequently Asked Questions should help you:

Where do I find information about Policy?

Information about the Policy Areas in which IOE is actively engaged or following discourse development, debates and trends are outlined in the section called 'Policy Areas'. You can access all the policy information produced or disseminated by the IOE in this area of the website.

To access, roll your mouse over Policy Areas in the left-hand menu and select the area you are interested in. You will find introductory information on the main page as well as latest news, latest documents and upcoming meetings associated with this policy area in the left-hand margin. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view all information.

How do I find information on a particular Region?

The Working At Regional Level pages provide information about our activities in the four regions we cover: the Americas, Europe and Central Asia, Asia-Pacific and Africa. Similar to our Policy pages, we provide general information on our activities in these regions on the main page as well as links to latest news, latest documents and upcoming meetings in the left-hand margin.

To access, roll your mouse over Working at Regional Level in the left-hand menu and select the region you are interested in.

How can I access a full listing of all the news IOE has published?

All IOE news releases are listed in the Press Room in chronological order (most recent first). Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page to browse old news releases.

How do I find IOE Policy Papers?

The easiest way to quickly locate an IOE policy paper is to use our website's Search engine. Find out how to make use of this tool here. You can also browse documents from any of our Policy Areas, Regional pages or pages dedicated to our activities with Other International Organisations.

To browse documents, select any one of these pages and click 'Browse other documents in this category' from the left-hand margin.

How do I find information about upcoming events?

The IOE website calendar is the best place to go to for information about upcoming events that could be of interest to you or if you are interested in following our country and regional missions to our Member Federations and Partner Companies. You'll find the IOE website calendar on the Homepage.

My federation has produced information that is relevant to the International Employer Community. Could I share this on the IOE website?

We would love to hear from you if you have information to share that is relevant to employers across the world. Please do not hesitate to contact IOE Communications at the following e-mail address: communications(at) We would be glad to consider your submission.

I notice a Login button on the Homepage of the IOE website. Who is it for?

The Login button is for Members only. It is used to access the restricted area of the IOE website.

I’ve been given a login and password to access the Members-only area of the IOE website. Where can I access Members-only information?

Access members-only information by logging into the IOE website with your unique login/password combination provided by the IOE. Not a member? If you represent an Employers' Federation, find out what our services are by clicking here. If you are a company or business, find out what a partnership with us can bring you by clicking here.

What information is restricted to IOE Members?

A range of policy papers, news and event updates are for the exclusive access of IOE Members only. Information concerning upcoming events, including discussions, webinars and training available to IOE Members is also restricted.

I’ve been given a login and password to access Management Board documents. Once I log in, what should I do?

If you are a member of the IOE Management Board, you will also have access to exclusive documents reserved for this group. Log into the IOE website with your Management Board login details. Once you are logged in, Management Board documents will appear in a box in the left-hand margin on the Management Board page.

How do I use the search engine?

Click here for a step-by-step guide

How can I contact the IOE?

You can reach us by calling our Secretariat on +41 22 929 00 00 or by email on ioe(at)

I notice the IOE produces a Newsletter. What information does it contain and how can I subscribe to it?

Subscription to the IOE Newsletter is available to IOE Members only. Back issues are accessible from the Information Centre. The IOE Newsletter contains the most important information, updates, announcements and upcoming events relevant to Employers around the world.

I notice many links aren’t visible or don’t seem to work. Why is that?

To users who are not logged in, links to restricted information are not visible. Upon logging in, Members will be able to click on these links to access restricted information.

How can I find publications or documents in other languages?

Most documents are available in English, French and Spanish but there are exceptions. If you are searching for something specific on a particular topic, it is useful to remember that resources might exist in any of these languages.

To access publications:

  1. navigate to a Policy Area page, Regional Page or a page dedicated to any of the Other International Organisations we work with
  2. click on 'Browse other documents in this category'
  3. change language by clicking on the preferred language option at the top of the webpage

I notice that some information appears in English on the French and Spanish versions of the website. Why is that?

Usually, this occurs when information is in the process of being translated. Be sure to check back to see the translated version.

I’ve noticed a bug on the IOE website. Who should I notify?

If you notice a bug or come across a broken link, please don't hesitate to contact us by writing to communications(at)

I’d like to give some feedback on the IOE website. Who should I write to?

We are grateful for any feedback or comments on our website as well as for any suggestions on how we can improve. Please write to communications(at)

Is IOE on social media?

IOE is on twitter: you can get in touch with us using our twitter handle @ioebusiness. We are also available on Facebook: you can 'like' our page by going to