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2018 ILC - Proposed Employers' Spokespersons

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2018 ILC - Call to complete questionnaire on Violence at Work

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2018 ILC - IOE submits comments for the ILO Committee of Experts' General Survey on various working time instruments

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Important call to impact the deliberations and outcomes of the ILO Committee of Experts (CEACR)

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2018 International Labour Conference

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Dalia Farag

Direct line: +41 22 929 00 03
(for administrative issues related to the ILC)

International Labour Conference

Held annually, the ILC is the highest policy making body for the ILO. It plays both a political and a technical role and is the place where items are either discussed for the purposes of elaborating new policy priorities for the Organization, or where international labour standards are negotiated and adopted.

The Conference also has committees, such as the Committee on the Application of Standards, which form part of the organization's supervisory machinery enabling the examination of a number of countries' application of ratified conventions.

The Conference usually consists of a Report of the ILO Director-General, which is open for discussion in a general plenary, as well as committees established to debate usually three issues.

Since the adoption of the 2008 Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalisation, each year, until 2015, a recurrent discussion took place on each of the four pillars of the ILO. The 2016 ILC discussion will centre on the evaluation of the Declaration itself.

The Four Pillars of the International Labour Organization

  • Employment
  • Social Dialogue
  • Social Protection
  • Fundamental Principles & Rights at Work

The Conference agenda is set by the Governing Body of the ILO, which is also responsible for the follow-up to Conference outcomes.

Attendees come as tripartite national delegations and member States are responsible for meeting the costs of worker and employer delegates.  Complaints with regard to this, or the composition of delegations, are dealt with by the Conference Credentials Committee.

The outcome of the work of the technical committees are adopted by a final vote in plenary.  Where such an item is an international labour standard, member States, following adoption, are required to consider ratification at national level.

The IOE prepares a specially dedicated microsite for members to support their participation in the Conference. The 2016 microsite will be launched by mid-May at the latest. During the Conference, the IOE acts as the Secretariat of the Employers' Group and supports and guides the Group in its participation in the committees and debates.

In recent years, the IOE has organised a Leaders Forum as an employer side event during the Conference.  The 3rd Annual IOE Leaders Forum will explore the topic of the Future of Work and will take place during the afternoon of 8 June.

Please click here to access the 2016 International Labour Conference page of this website.