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C-814 IOE General Council -- Session II -- Agenda

C-779 2017 IOE General Council - Session II - Convocation & Agenda

C-813 Election of the President

C-812 Election of the Treasurer

C-811 Information on the Election of the Management Board

C-810 Information on the Election of the Regional Vice-Presidents

Financial Documents - Information on Subscriptions and Arrears received at 31 May 2017

C-809 Proposed Amendments to the IOE Statutes

C-808 Withdrawal of membership

C-807 New Members

C-806 Adoption of the IOE Subscription Scale for 2017

C-805 Adoption of the IOE Accounts for 2016

C-804 IOE Strategic Framework 2015-2018

C-803 IOE Workplan 2017-2018

C-802 Annual Report 2016-2017

C-801 IOE General Council Draft Agenda (as of 21 April 2017)

C-701 IOE General Council - Opportunity to submit amendments to Draft Summary Record of 2016 General Council (member communication dated 15 February 2017)

C-701 Draft Summary Record of the 2016 IOE General Council (January 2017)

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2017 IOE General Council - Session II - Convocation & Agenda

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IOE Contact: Monique Depierre

Direct line: +41 22 929 00 24

General Council

The IOE General Council is responsible for the formulation of the overall policy direction of the IOE. It adopts a Programme of Action for the following year drawn up by the IOE Management Board and receives a Report from the Management Board on activities during the preceding term.

It also passes all appropriate decisions or resolutions that orient the IOE’s activities or reflect members' wishes. Finally it provides the opportunity for exchanges of views on matters falling within the IOE's competence, as may be organized by the Management Board.

The Agenda of the General Council is fixed by the Management Board and sent to members at least five weeks before the date of the assembly. Any member may request that additional item(s) be placed on the agenda. Such a request should reach the Secretariat at least three weeks before the date of the assembly.