17 May 2017


IOE-BIAC Monitoring Report Launched at IOE's 2nd Global Employers' Summit


The IOE together with BDA and Deloitte organised IOE's 2nd Global Employers' Summit on 17 May 2017 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany. The Summit was organised back-to-back with the G20 Labour Ministerial and brought together high-level representatives from global companies, international organisations, employers' organisations and institutions, to explore key areas of interest for business in the G20 process, namely the future of work, migration, sustainable supply chains and female employment.


IOE together with BIAC also launched their joint Monitoring Report at the Summit. Obtaining better implementation of G20 commitments has been a priority for the IOE and BIAC for a long time. To increase accountability, the IOE and BIAC created a Monitoring Survey that received responses from national employers' federations in G20 countries in tracking implementation of commitments made by G20 leaders under the respective G20 Presidencies since 2014. In particular, this year's Monitoring Report focuses specifically on outcomes on youth and female employment.


Some notable interim findings include :

  • A vast majority of national employers' federations in G20 countries indicated that there is some level of implementation of G20 commitments at the national level. This response is very encouraging.
  • Efforts are directed at reducing the gender gap in wages and in participation rates of women in the workforce. Efforts were also made in improving youth employment outcomes through the promotion of apprenticeships and entrepreneurship.
  • However, the implemented policies do not meet the intended targets, often resulting in no positive results. Alarmingly, in important areas such as the reduction of non-wage labour costs, the situation has actually worsened.
  • An important reason for the lack of positive results is that these efforts are not ambitious enough and do not address the primary challenge of structural change in G20 labour markets.


Based on these findings, the IOE and BIAC call on G20 governments to :

  • Place a stronger focus in the G20 Employment Process on measures that create conducive environments for growth and job creation, especially through structural reforms.
  • Strengthen the National Employment Plans by fully engaging national employers' federations in their developments and revision.
  • Improve transparency of where countries stand with regards to reaching the various G20 targets.


The full IOE-BIAC Report can be accessed via the link in the side panel.

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