18 May 2017


B20-L20 Joint Statement Launched at Joint Dinner with G20 Labour Ministers


The B20 and L20 presented their Joint Statement at the Dinner organised together with the G20 Labour Ministers on 17 May 2017 in Bad Neuenahr. Linda Kromjong, IOE Secretary-General and Sharan Burrow, ITUC Secretary-General, jointly presented the Statement to the Labour Ministers and all B20 and L20 signatories participated at the handover ceremony of the Statement to the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Andrea Nahles.


This year's Statement builds on the IOE/BIAC and ITUC/TUAC statement from last year with a specific focus on sustainable growth, decent work and social cohesion in the digital economy.


In line with the key priorities of the G20 German Presidency, the Statement reinforces the important role that business and labour have in shaping policies that not only maximise the opportunities for employment creation, but that also minimise adverse effects on employment and working conditions. Given the special focus on the digital economy, the recommendations in the Statement are linked to the impact of technological change on employment and call on governments to grab the chances that technological change presents as well as address its challenges.


To harness the opportunities of technological advancements, it is important that technology is widely diffused so that businesses can maximise the potential of its use. This will facilitate the creation of an agile business environment that can offer growth of income opportunities in all of its forms in the formal economy.


Going forward, the workforce using new technology needs to be well equipped for the new digital age. This requires taking a fresh approach to education, up- and re-skilling and ensuring that all individuals have access to opportunities that allow them to continually upgrade their skills. The B20/L20 Joint understanding on key elements of quality apprenticeships, the G20 Skills Strategy as well as the G20 Apprenticeship Initiative clearly have a key role to play in modernising existing training systems.


The Statement, available in the side panel, is signed by the BDA, IOE and BIAC from the B20 and by DGB, ITUC and TUAC from the L20.

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