5 May 2017


2017 ILC - ILO releases long list of possible cases for examination by the Committee on the Application of Standards


Dear Members and Colleagues,

The International Labour Office has released the documents related to the 2017 ILC Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS), which can be accessed via the links in the side panel.  This information includes:

  • Communication of the preliminary list of cases for possible discussion at the CAS, including: ILO letter to the Member States, the Preliminary (long) list of cases, the CAS Work Schedule, and the CAS Working Methods
  • IOE CAS two-week workplan
  • Follow-up to the Conclusions of the CAS (2015-16)


We encourage IOE members in countries that appear on the list to read the Experts' observations and start preparing the Employers' position on these observations to assist the CAS Employers' spokesperson in the preparatory work to argue the case in the event that it ends up on the 24-case list.

We would be grateful if you can send your comments to anzorreguy@ioe-emp.com no later than Friday, 19 May 2017.

Kind regards,

Linda Kromjong


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