4 October 2016

IOE participates in Transnational Company Agreements joint seminar


A joint seminar to discuss trends and challenges in the area of Transnational Company (TNC) Agreements took place in Brussels on 29 and 30 September 2016. Roberto Suárez, IOE Deputy Secretary-General, and other representatives of employers’ organisations took the opportunity to highlight the need to expand this partnership globally and to further tailor its activities in the future to better meet the needs of companies.


Seven such seminars have been held to date, with the participation of thirty different speakers from a range of companies, aiming to provide guidance on TNC Agreements and a platform for companies to share their practical experiences. The 2016 seminar included twelve days of training and marked the end of the third phase of a European Union project managed by the ILO ACT/EMP, in partnership with the IOE, the BDA (Confederation of German Employers' Associations), Medef and BusinessEurope, as well as other employers’ organisations.


The project has proven very useful in raising awareness and understanding of the Agreements, providing valuable information on trends in this area, offering participants an opportunity to discuss the challenges posed by emerging issues such as Business and Human Rights and bringing together practitioners of companies and employers' organisations to build capacity and share expertise.



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