5 July 2016

New standardisation initiative on organisational governance



ISO has received a proposal for a new field of ISO technical activity from the British Standards Institution.


The aim of this proposal is to develop standards in organisational governance, "including aspects of accountability, direction and control - which may include principles of governance, anti-bribery, conflict of interest, due diligence, whistleblowing, compliance, remuneration structures and external reporting, amongst others."


The IOE strongly opposes this proposal for several reasons:

  • There are already many international guidelines and principles which companies can rely on (e.g. OECD Principles of Good Governance, OECD guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises, etc.)
  • A legal framework to address these issues already exists in many countries
  • A uniform international standard on organisational governance is unlikely to take sector/company specific characteristics into account
  • An ISO standard in this area would lead to additional bureaucracy and costs for companies, especially SMEs.


Access the proposal by clicking on the link in the side panel.


The IOE encourages its members to reach out their national standardisation bodies to push for the rejection of the BSI’s proposal in the ISO ballot.


The deadline for the ISO ballot is fixed on 13 August 2016, but each national standardisation body sets its own deadline for the national ballot ahead of this date, which is likely to be mid-July 2016.


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