19 January 2016

Linda Kromjong reaffirms business commitment to the 2030 Development Agenda to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General Linda Kromjong took the opportunity of her participation in last week's UN Global Compact meeting in New York to reaffirm the commitment of the IOE's members and partner companies around the world to the realisation of the UN 2030 Development Agenda.

Linda Kromjong was formally representing the collective voice of business on labour and social policy at the Global Compact's first board meeting under the leadership of Lise Kingo on 14 January. Ms Kingo succeeded Georg Kell on his retirement as Executive Director last year.

Addressing the meeting, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated his expectation that businesses "play a leading role in implementing the SDGs". He went on to note: "Our 13,000 signatories based in 170 countries, and our local networks, can be a force for change from the ground up. We have a strong track record of translating UN goals and issues into concrete business action".

In her intervention, Linda Kromjong recalled her role as co-chair of the Global Compact Human Rights & Labour Working Group, as well as the role of IOE member federations in hosting national GC networks, and highlighted IOE work on business and human rights, migration, youth employment, core labour standards and the sustainable development agenda - all key areas of focus for the Global Compact.

She cited USCIB's Business 2030 web portal as one of many examples of the commitment of employers' organisations to contributing to the goals and assured Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the IOE was encouraging its members and their company affiliates globally "to advance the SDGs through their operations, innovations and partnerships and to be part of the solution".

For further information on the Global Compact,  the IOE's role and engagement within the Global Compact and USCIB's Business 2030 portal, please click on the links in the side panel.

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