Issues impacting employment and business are expanding in scope and pace.

"IOE plays a unique role as the only representative voice of business in social and employment policy discussions in the ILO and other global forums. We want to ensure that employment and social policies foster an enabling environment for business and play a key role in wealth and job creation. We welcome you to this new IOE website which details our role and aspirations, and invite you to be in contact with us for any questions or comments."

Erol Kiresepi, IOE President


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    @ioevoice supporting #CEATAL to bring the voice of business into @OAS_official #IACML process. Triparte exchanges on #platformeconomy #genderequality #migration #Skills #sustainableenterprises #entrepreneurship . Thank you Ronnie Goldberg & Federico Spoturno! Shaping #IACML2020

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    Young people talking structural transformation and South Africa being used as an example by #Ayabonga @ioevoice @ILOAfrica @productivitysa ...demand side address is required to change things...policy-mix that aligns to boosting labour demand...challenges for small enterprises.

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    A youthful panel moderated by @TheRealNozi this afternoon #ARM #Abidjan @ioevoice @ILOAfrica

  • .@ioevoice at #COP25 session on #decentwork for all in a changing climate: "The entrepreneurial ecosystem is complex & countries lack financing & supporting structures. We need to ensure youth are guided & supported in order to boost green #entrepreneurship for #climateaction"

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    .@ioevoice NY attending day 2 of the Expert Committee on review of #HLPF #ECOSOC ...good reliable data is necessary to inform policy decisions. Partnerships need to have targets, deliverables and roles and responsibilities clear #SDGs #PPP

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    "We need companies that are strong enough to create jobs and help regulate the labour market, for the realization of the decent work agenda in Africa," Kaizer Moyane, South African Chair Social Policy Standing Committee at #AFRM14📺

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    Mthunzi Mdwaba @Tzoro1 @ioe Vice-President and employer’s spokesperson at the @ilo Governing Body shares his message for the future of work in Africa at the #AFRM14 regional meeting in Abidjan. @robsuarezsantos @mpanzorreguy

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    At the ⁦@GAN4Skills⁩ board meeting and peer-learning at ⁦@Nestle⁩. GAN is a key player to promote work-based learning. ⁦@ioevoice⁩ is proud to be founding member and fully committed to continue to support. #FutureofWork #FutureofSkills #skills ⁦@snazrene⁩

  • "Effective, real social dialogue requires all social partners to recognise each other as equals", says Kaizer Moyane from @BusinessUnitySA during @ilo African Regional Meeting #AFRM14 panel on #ILS, #socialdialogue & #genderequality in the realization of #decentwork & the #SDGs

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    A wide gathering of African Employers in Abidjan at the ILO Regional meeting: pushing for a tripartite skills and productivity agenda. Time to deliver.@Jacquelinemugo2 @Megateli1 @Tzoro1 @EKiresepi @JastonLaja @mpanzorreguy @MatthiasThorns @samuelasfaha @MartinMurphyILO @ioevoice

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    #ProfKalula #CFA (Committee for Freedom of Association) & #KaizerMoyane #Chair #SocPol (Social Policy Committee) @BusinessUnitySA @ioevoice @ILOAfrica @ilo_pretoria #ARM #Abidjan @ilo

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    My dear brother @Megateli1 @neghza_saida @ioevoice @ILOAfrica chairing this morning #ARM #Abidjan

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    Day 2! @ilo #arm Employers ready to contribute to the discussions on #ils #genderequality #socialdialogue & #youth under great leadership @Tzoro1 @Megateli1 @Jacquelinemugo2 and supported by @ioevoice @robsuarezsantos

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    Post the panel discussion on the #Fow #ARM #Abidjan #Cotedivoire @ILOAfrica @ituc @ioevoice @productivitysa @deptoflabour #VicePresident #Kaplan @TheRealNozi @ChampionSAfrica @AshrafGarda @RehanaTBF @YMashilwane @pepemarais @ColonjuwonILO @ilo_pretoria

  • The 14th @ilo African Regional Meeting #AFRM14 is happening now in Abidjan. @ioevoice is supporting #African #employers to achieve concrete outcomes that promote #business & #decentwork in the region. @Jacquelinemugo2 @robsuarezsantos @Megateli1 @Tzoro1 @JastonLaja @mpanzorreguy

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    The social partners responding to the DG’s Report on Africa #ARM #Abidjan #Cotedivoire @ioevoice @ituc @ILOAfrica

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    Live! Watch the Opening Session of the ILO's 14th African Regional Meeting. #AFRM14

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    Ms Jacqueline Mugo speaks on behalf of the employer’s group at the opening of the #AFRM14 @ilo African regional meeting. Jobs come from the private sector, let’s improvement the environment for companies. @ioevoice

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    Jacqueline Mugo @Jacquelinemugo2 @FKEKenya @ioevoice @oievoz @productivitysa @ILOAfrica addressing the #ARM on behalf of the employers

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    Celebrating the 14th African Regional Meeting #ARM on the Centenary of the ILO in #Abidjan #cotedivoire #africa @ilo @ILOAfrica @ioevoice @oievoz @productivitysa @deptoflabour

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    14th #ILO African Regional Meeting starting NOW! African Employers with support of @ioevoice ready for a succesful meeting on how to shape the future of Africa. #productivity #skills #education #genderequality #FPRW #formalization #sustainableenterprise #SDGs #leadership

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    It's a full house here at Matthias Thorns, Deputy Secretary-General, International Organisation of Employers (IOE) seminar on The future of work: Rethinking the workforce model for high-performing companies of Tomorrow

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    @GulfPetChem Great discussion with @GulfPetChem members on the #futureofwork in #Dubai and it’s impact on the industry in #GCC countries. It’s about harnessing the opportunities, but also to make sure it is #inclusive. @ioevoice #GBDN2019 #enable2work

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    UITP is proudly collaborating with @ioevoice & @ilo . Together we will keep improving the work environment for our employees and the travel experience for customers. Diversity & Gender Inclusion, Digitalisation, employment, CSR and Capacity Building are among our priorities.

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    Opening together with Pierre Vincensini the Annual Meeting of the Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors @ioevoice @ilo #ilo100 #ioe100 #sdgs #sdg1 #sustainableenterprises #sdg8 #productivity4socialprotection

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