IOE Contact for the Americas

Maria Paz Anzorreguy

+41 (0) 22 929 00 22

IOE Contact for the Caribbean

Matthias Thorns

Deputy Secretary-General
+41 (0) 22 929 00 19

“International policy developments have a big impact on North American business, commerce and competitiveness. The IOE provides an essential, value-added platform to provide business input into top labour, sustainability and corporate responsibility policy and standard-setting discussions, which in turn guide domestic regulatory deliberations in the countries where the members of our region operate.”

Peter Robinson, Regional Vice-President for North America

“As Latin American businesses strive to consolidate their competitive position in the global economy, the IOE provides employers’ organisations in the region with material and hands-on support to advocate for labour-market and other reforms that will generate a more enabling environment for sustainable enterprise. The annual Ibero-American Presidents’ Meeting, supported by the IOE, provides a perfect occasion for the exchange of experience and best practice at the highest level of national employers’ organisations and builds solidarity.”

Alexandre Furlan, Regional Vice-President for Latin America