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    Kanishka Weerasinghe, Director General of the Employers Federation of Ceylon moderates this key panel on implementation of the GCM. The private sector needs to be engaged in the discussion for an effective implementation at national level.

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    It’s a wrap! Governments, #private sector, civil society & local authorities examined #migration & #development issues during the #GFMD12 Summit on 20-24 January in Quito. Did you miss out? See the full Summit through our business lens in images here 👉

  • @Seedstars @BAG_Innovation @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess @robsuarezsantos @Seedstars @BAG_Innovation @inmi_Chile @OurMShule @SChavezEc @CancilleriaEc @IOMLHD @MOHRE_UAE @Tzoro1 @EKiresepi @MatthiasThorns @StephanieWinet

  • It’s a wrap! @ioevoice-@Seedstars #MigrationChallenge competition came to an end with its winner @BAG_Innovation. Over 7⃣0⃣ applicants from Latin America & Africa 1⃣0⃣ finalists 1⃣ winner, 1st & 2nd runners-up An amazing prize 🏆 Read full note 👉 #GFMD12

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    The GFMD Chairmanship was handed over to the United Arab Emirates during the closing ceremony of #GFMD12. We are excited to bridge from the Ecuadorian Chairmanship to the United Arab Emirates 2020 Chairmanship. The thirteenth GFMD Summit will be held in Dubai.

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    Congrats to the ten start up finalists which participated in the #MigrationChallenge in Quito #GFMD12. Special kudos to the winner @BAG_Innovation, to @OurMShule for 2nd place and and to @inmi_Chile for 3rd place. #XIICumbreGFMDQuito @GFMDprocess @ioevoice @Seedstars

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    The #GFMD12 Summit comes to an end. The @GFMD_Business is proud to have brought the #business perspective to the global #migration & #development debate. Looking forward to the next @GFMDprocess Summit in UAE! #XIICumbreGFMDQuito

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    We won 2nd place in the first-ever #MigrationChallenge! So honored to have been part of #GFMD12 @ioevoice @GFMD_Business @Seedstars

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    WE WON!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • And the winner of the #MigrationChallenge is @BAG_Innovation!🎉 Bringing together entrepreneurs from major cities across Latam & Africa to pitch for this prize was an honour. Thank you @Seedstars for such a great partnership! We made history! Full story👉

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    Job matching, remittances, educational tools, interesting start-up pitches in the area of #migration at the tech lab of the #XIICumbreGFMDQuito @GFMD_Business

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    Very inspiring to learn from all the new tech solutions

  • The winner of the #MigrationChallenge will be announced soon! Our entrepreneurs will be ranked by judges Pietro Mona, Swiss Ambassador for Development and Forced Displacement & Migration, #business representatives @MaryCertad & @s_ribadeneira, and @YaniraCaraza from @Seedstars

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    Start ups are pitching in front of a jury of businesses and government. Great ideas on stage! Who will be the winner?? 🏆

  • The #MigrationChallenge pitching session started during the #GFMD12 Summit with @fragomen & Tanzil Rahman presenting research paper “Tech Solutions to Immigration Problems? Exploring the use of technology to manage & select economic immigrants”

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    HAT off to @ioevoice for this AMAZING initiative. #MigrationChallenge Fresh perspectives at @GFMDprocess summit @GFMD_Business @robsuarezsantos

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    📌Almost time for pitching ! Good luck to the 10 finalists ! @GFMDprocess @ioevoice @Seedstars

  • Listen to the 10 #MigrationChallenge start-ups pitch for the prize at 13.30 in room 2 of the Convention Centre (2nd floor). If you go to the Auditorium, you will be guided to the room! Only one can win🏅 @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess @GFMD_CSD #XIICumbreGFMDQuito #GFMD12

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    @ilo @michelletleigh1 @GFMDprocess @GFMD_CSD @CERC_CA @robsuarezsantos @ioevoice @CancilleriaEc @CamaraCIP How to effectively link #development and #migration through investments in education in countries of origin to foster #youthemployment & alleviate the #skills gap? The #GFMD12 #business-led ‘World Café’ session invites participants to reflect on this & other questions.

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    The #GFMD12 hosts a ‘World Café’ for multi-stakeholder dialogues. @GFMD_Business - @ilo #business-led session focuses on “#Skills mobility: ensuring regulatory frameworks that are adapted to today’s economic, political and social realities”.

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    📌We launched two publications at the #GFMD12 on the impact of migration policies on businesses in North Africa and South America.📝 ➡️ #SkillsMobility #XIICumbreGFMDQuito #TalentAcquisition #skillsgap #skillsdevelopment #skillsrecognition

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    The 3rd day of the #GFMD12 kicks off with the ‘Common Space’, where stakeholders exchange and showcase case studies, initiatives, good practices and policy trends related to #migration & #development. IOE brings 100 years of expertise to the Common Space.

  • @GFMD_Business @GFMDprocess @CancilleriaEc @SChavezEc @UNmigration @IOMLHD @ilo @GFMD_CSD

  • 📣Bring it on! See our 10 start-ups pitch for the #MigrationChallenge prize🏆 at the Auditorium at 13.30! The ‘Tech & Innovation Award’ winner will be announced during the closing ceremony of the #GFMD12 Summit. The die is cast!🤞

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    What would be an ideal #migration framework for #skills mobility, recognition & matching in #Asia and #LatinAmerica? In the framework of the #GFMD12 Summit, @GFMD_Business delegates discuss issues facing both regions.