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For 100 years, IOE has provided knowledge and information services to its members, communicating on a regular basis and making sure our membership is informed of all the latest and most relevant issues. We also ensure that information flows freely between members and the Secretariat. We pride ourselves on being a trilingual organisation and the Secretariat communicates in English, French and Spanish, our official languages.

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  • .@ioevoice President @EKiresepi reacts to @g20org Leaders’ Statement. All stakeholders now need to focus on transforming the #G20 Statement into concrete #actions. @WHO @IMFNews @WorldBank @OECD @g7 @g20org @ilo @UN Read full statement here 👇

  • .@ioevoice fully supports @g20org call for coordinated international cooperation to respond to #COVID19 as aligns with Joint IOE-@ITUC Statement pressing for stronger multilateral efforts including #privatesector partnerships. @SharanBurrow @IMFNews @OECD

  • 2/“Employers are front line responders in facing COVID-19”, says @DrMariaNeira, @WHO Director for Public Health. Planning a safe & healthy environment and developing a #business continuity plan are key. #COVID2019 #coronavirus

  • 1/Thank you @DrMariaNeira, @WHO Director for Public Health, for engaging now and in the future with @ioevoice on #privatesector action & #COVID19: “Measures to contain the virus & economic relief strategies must be taken on the base of science, not panic, nor political pressure.”

  • How are international orgs like @WHO & @ilo currently working with the public-private #partnerships in response to #COVID19? Join this crucial conversation with WHO Director for Public Health @DrMariaNeira, @IntlSOS and @ilo today at 2pm (Europe CST) 👉

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    Pleased to share my presentation this morning on The Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic and Social Impacts and Responses, at the global digital conference of @ioevoice on the subject, in a Panel with @stescarpetta Sangheon Lee, Renate Hornung-Draus and T. Obst

  • .@WHO Head of Public Health @DrMariaNeira, @ilo #OSH @JPintadoNunes and @IntlSOS Medical Dir. L. Taymans update on #COVID19 crisis & its potential evolution, and how #publicprivate partnerships can improve response. 🖥️Join tomorrow's digital conference👇

  • 🧐How do economies respond and rebuild after #COVID19 pandemic? 🖥️Join our digital conference today at 2pm (Europe CST) with @ilo Sangheon Lee, @OECD @stescarpetta, @iw_institute Thomas Obst, former ILO @JoseMSalazarX, @FUNCASES Raymond Torres and @DieBDA Renate Hornung-Draus 👇

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    Very pleased to participate in this digital conference tomorrow. @ioevoice @ilo @OITAmericas

  • .@ioevoice Advisers @RMorales_Mx and Rita Yip share insights on the role of the #privatesector in a webinar “ILO brings together governments, #employers and workers’ representatives” for master’s students at the University of Geneva @MEIG_Programme @UNIGEnews @ilo

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    "For employers & #business, the #health & well-being of employees is at the top of our priorities". Great interventions on #PPPs & a review of business responses/initiatives. Emphasis also made on #skills & up-skilling especially as it relates to #technology #COVID19

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    .@USCIB Business Partners for Sustainable Development was honored to attend @ioevoice call today "Employers respond to #COVID19." BPSD Executive Director, Dr. Scott Ratzen, discussed the Role of Business, the Role of Employers and the Role of Communications.

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    Urgent action on #covid19 from @ioevoice and @ITUC 󠀢🗣️All efforts need to be undertaken to help workers and companies through the crisis ➡️ keep jobs ➡️ protect unemployment and loss of income ➡️ alleviate financial devastation

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    .@ioevoice is officially 100 years old! In over 150 countries and representing 50 m’s relevance and impact is as important today as it was many years ago. #employers #jobs #workers #SocialJustice

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    100 years of efforts,actions,strengh and hope around the world so i want to stop and wish to @ioevoice a happy bithday and let’s keep changing the world!!

  • How to ensure #business sustainability & avoid massive job losses? @OECD, @iw_institute, @FUNCASES, and current & former @ilo representatives to provide insights on #economicadvocacy in the times of #COVID19. 📆Join @ioevoice digital conference tomorrow👉

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    Join Velocity Global CEO Ben Wright, @MatthiasThorns & @RMorales_Mx of @ioevoice for a @SHRM Webinar tomorrow-March 24 @12pm (EST) to get insights on how #HR pro's can successfully hire around the🌎even in times of uncertainty, such as #COVID19 Register:

  • .@Mastercard Executive VP for #Sustainability @shaminasingh & @USCIB BPSD Dir. Scott Ratzan to take part in #UN Business & Industry Group webinar tomorrow at 12pm EST on their response to #COVID19. Register at @robsuarezsantos @smgthink @USCIBKennedy @CNTR4growth

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    Wanted to stop and wish happy 💯 to @ioevoice on 22 March 1920 some 17 #employers orgs. met in London to launch IOE. Today we are nearly 160 orgs in over 150 countries!

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    In times of #COVID19, many companies are applying mandatory #telecommuting for its staff. #autonomy and #trust are 2⃣ key ingredients to make it a success for both workers and employers says @erimbau in an @ioevoice webinar

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    Today #SHRM CEO @JohnnyCTaylorJr will be joining @ioevoice's @robsuarezsantos and high-level business leaders from around the world in a conversation on how #COVID19 is affecting workplaces.

  • .@ioevoice & @ituc call on intl orgs for impact-proven measures, better coordination & greater collaboration with #Employers & #TradeUnions in response to #COVID19 emergency👉 @WHO @IMFNews @WorldBank @OECD @g7 @g20org @ilo @UN @AfDB_Group @the_IDB @ADB_HQ

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    I'm honored to speak at this webinar today. My mission: helping companies overcome the challenges they face in implementing teleworking due to #COVID19 Join us! #telework #remotework #HRM

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    .@SHRM @JohnnyCTaylorJr will join @ioevoice tomorrow March23: 9-10:30am (EST) for a conversation w/ @robsuarezsantos & 🌎business leaders on how #COVID19 is affecting businesses & how the world of work is adapting #SHRM 📩 to register

  • Join us today for our digital conference at 14:00 (Europe CST time) and learn how to develop effective Human Resource #telework policies 👉 @robsuarezsantos @MatthiasThorns