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New Year Interview with Linda Kromjong, IOE Secretary-General

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Call for applications for the 2018 Global Employers' Young Professionals' Academy, Madrid, 9 - 13 April

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Who do we represent? Take part in the IOE Member Survey

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Please update your address books: IOE email addresses have changed

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IOE Contact

Ms Linda Kromjong
Secretary General

Direct line: +41 22 929 00 14

Services to Companies

IOE Partner Initiative

At its 2013 General Council,  the IOE endorsed the decision of the Management Board to launch a new initiative to allow enterprise members of member federations to participate in the work of the organisation by becoming partners.

Please click here to see the promotional flyer.

Download the presentation on partnering with the IOE


By partnering with the IOE, your company can

  • Provide input based on your company’s experience into global-level discussions taking place in the ILO and other international forums on labour and social policies that affect business operations
  • Gain access to tailor-made products, information and knowledge-sharing activities encompassing international labour standards, CSR, business and human rights, industrial relations, migration, sustainability, standardisation, skills development and much more
  • Demonstrate corporate leadership in policy circles relating to international social and labour aff airs
  • Obtain sought-after networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing with peer-level companies in a confidential environment