Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of the IOE Management Board was established in November 2010, with the following terms of reference:

The Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer and shall comprise a small number of Board members (no more than 4 or 5), including two Regional Vice-Presidents, elected on a rotational basis for a period of two years by the Management Board on the recommendation of the President, and the Chief of Financial Services. For reasons of good governance, the Secretary-General shall not be a permanent member of the Finance Committee. However, he/she shall participate in Committee sessions and work closely with the Treasurer on finance matters. He/she may be requested not to attend special meetings from time to time The Finance Committee shall be generally responsible for reviewing and providing guidance and advice to the Secretary-General and the Board on the organisation's financial affairs. It shall report to the Board annually, usually at the time the annual accounts are being finalised. Its specific responsibilities shall be as follows:

  • Ensuring that appropriate internal controls, internal audit and financial analysis systems are in place;
  • Validating the accounts of the organisation in consultation with the auditors;
  • Reviewing and reporting on all financial statements and expenditure and general financial activity to the Board;
  • Monitoring the expenditure of the organisation in accordance with its annual budget as approved by the Board;
  • Appointing external Auditors and approving their fees.

Membership of the Committee at August 2017

  • Mr José Maria Lacasa (Chair)
  • Mr Blaise Matthey (Special Adviser)
  • Mr Rajeev Dubey (India/AIOE) - Asia
  • Mr Alexandre Furlan (Brazil) - Latin America
  • Mrs Lidija Horvatić (Croatia) - Europe
  • Mr El Mahfoud Megateli (Algeria) - Africa
  • Mr Peter Robinson (United States) - North America


  • Mr Erol Kiresepi (Turkey) – IOE President

IOE staff members

  • Ms Linda Kromjong (Secretary-General)
  • Mr Roberto Suárez Santos (Deputy Secretary-General)
  • Ms Chiara Cirelli (Human Resources Manager)
  • Ms Patricia Rindlisbacher (Finance Manager)