How to use the IOE website search engine

16.12.2013 09:35 Age: 5 yrs
Category: About IOE

IOE is proud to announce the new IOE website search engine.

Here's how to get started:

Go to the homepage and locate the search engine in the top right-hand corner of the page

Insert your search term in the box provided and press 'Enter' on your keyboard


Your search results will be displayed on a separate page, with the results in alphabetical order. The types of content in which your keyword search appears is distinguished by the icons to the left of each search result.

The blue square signifies a PDF document.

The plain white square signifies a webpage.

The icon that looks like a small newspaper signifies a News page.


The search results can be displayed by title or according to relevance, by switching between the two tabs at the top right of the list of search results

Please contact the IOE for further information on communications(at)